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Get Unlimited Unique Traffic 

- Kiss of The Dragon Method (KOTD)


             The KOTD Software

Hello friends,

I'm gonna show a new method of generating huge amount of unique traffic to your website or blog.
Have you ever heard of the Kiss of The Dragon Method?
I think you did, but all you've find on Google, Bing or other search engine was only the  2001 martial arts action film, directed by Chris Nahon... is that true?
Unfortunetly is...

I have used this software for about 2 months and it generated me 500.000 unique visitors, minus 700.000 Alexa Rank places  and in the last 2 weeks generated 17.000 visitors per day !

Here is a proof

Here is  my website

    Is this a good proof to be convinced that this software really works and it's generating unique traffic ?
What about i will show you how much money i earn with my Adbooth Account with the help of this wonderful software.

And the most important thing is that on 15 April 2013 i've been paid by Adbooth and

                            And here is the 2nd PAYMENT PROOF !

If you are convinced after you've seen this proof to try out this wonderful method of generating traffic and revenue then i will show you how to do it in this video description below.
In this video you will see how KOTD realy works and now you can solve this mistery...

In this video below i will show you how to use the KOTD Software to bring traffic to your website more and more everyday.

Here is the moment of truth that we are all waiting for...

 This is KOTD (Kiss of The Dragon) Software that i've been talking about in the last 5 minutes and it's here on this blog with full specifications and details how to use and of course for Download the software and the User Manual


The KOTD (Kiss of The Dragon) Software Version 4.0.1 is Available for only   $20.00 



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  4. Hey why we buy if we download it for free. Jingling give it free. Why you sell it? wahahaha... pm me ill teach you how to use it for free...

  5. is jingling adsense safe. Meaning if I just use jingling for impression and not clicks is it adsense safe?

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  6. a reply to P.D. ScottJr.

    YES, actually I've used it for Google adsense for impressions, but it's not converting.. so in 1 month I only got few $ from it. less than 3 i think?

    So I choose to use it with Adbooth because jingling works good with it..
    $15-25/monthly depends on your internet connection..

    In short, money back guaranteed in 1 month or 2 in case you decide to buy the product..

  7. Kesehatan : I am fascinated by this post. Thank you very much.

  8. only china visiter and google adsense not safe ithink ..............

  9. Malik if you are reading, I said i don't use it with Adsense. Only with Adbooth. thank you. :)

  10. I've used jingling to get some raking on alexa on my site :http://celebrityews.blogspot.com/ but not any more , my question is : will my adsense will be banned by google for that even if I'm not using that bot anymore?
    Thanks for your reply!

  11. i have google adsense safe Chinese traffic bot which also click after 15 days on auto daily 01 or two clicks from different countries. contact me i am selling it 10$ coolimwebsmaster@gmail.com

  12. thank you
    can you please provides more sources for safe traffic

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